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Learn About Durable Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are a wonderful addition to your home and can be just as durable as a traditional wool area rug. They are usually made out of a plant fiber such as jute, sisal, seagrass or raffia. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but are often fairly neutral and work well with many different styles. Easy to care for, natural fiber rugs can typically be vacuumed. There are some unique differences in care that must be taken into consideration before purchasing a natural rug, but with proper natural fiber care and maintenance, a jute or raffia rug is sure to be a great addition to your home.

Benefits of a Natural Fiber Rug

A raffia or sisal rug is a great way to add a casual block of color in your home at a reasonable cost. They are easily cared for and usually only need a quick vacuum to clean. Natural rugs are soft and durable but have a different texture to a traditional wool rug. They don’t trap hair and fur sheddings like most other rugs do, making it easier to maintain a clean looking home even if you own pets.

Natural fiber rugs are incredibly durable and work well in high traffic locations in your home. The can stand up to a lot of use and hide dirt and stains wonderfully. If you do end up spilling on one of these rugs, they can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth. additionally, they are almost exclusively crafted as a flat weave rug meaning that if part of the rug begins to show wear and tear you can just flip it over. They are completely reversible.

Considerations Before Buying

Natural fiber rugs tend to vary in texture and some can seem scratchier than a wool rug. If you have sensitive feet or a small child you may want to consider a seagrass woven rug or a jute with a combined leather element as they tend to be softer without losing the design character of a natural fiber rug.

If you live in a place where moisture easily seeps into your home a natural fiber rug may not be for you. Because they are made out of a dried plant fiber, excessive moisture could lead to mildew and mold. We would not recommend them for a bathroom or anywhere with lots of moisture.

Is a Natural Fiber Rug for you?

A jute sisal, seagrass of raffia rug can be a great addition to your home. Its casual appearance lends itself well to a lazy cottage or modern casual style. If properly kept from moisture and cleaned regularly, they can be a give you years of use.

If you would like to know more about natural fiber rugs, or how they could be incorporated into the style of your home contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you have. Let us help you find the best rug for your space.

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